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Virtual Limousines
Click on the limousine pictures below to view the 360 degree panorama for that car.

The One and Only
Chrysler Lamborghini  - Virtual Tour  

Yes she is here, The one and only Limo with Lambo doors, Make everyone wish they had arrives in a limousines, That is not only luxury on wheels but makes a statememt of pure style

  • Lamborghini Doors
  • All Leather
  • 2 Bars
  • Full Air Conditioning
  • Refrigerated Ice Boxes
  • Deep Tint 360
  • Mood Lights and Tone Settings
  • DVD
  • Surround Sound
  • CD System
  • 4 XTVS
  • PS2

Be quick to book as there is only one.




To Pan Around - Move the mouse over the panorama and hold down the left button, then drag the mouse slowly around to pan.